Tassels, Exposed Shoulders And A Lot Of Changes After My Baby Turned One

Multitasking is something I’ve always been good at and being a mom has totally improved my multitasking game. For example, I’m currently pumping while blogging and eating lunch. All of this is happening during nap time which has been lasting 20 minutes these past few days. We have quite a few changes happening in Myles’s world. Both eating and sleeping routines are changing and I have no idea what I’m doing! It’s been a couple weeks since I talked about traveling while nursing in this post and it’s time for another post dedicated to mommy chatter. Don’t worry, I’ll discuss style and what I’m wearing too.
How do you guys honestly feel about tassel earrings?
I have stocked up on mule loafers for the fall. Since I am chasing a one year old (who thinks he is a toddler) I need shoes I can move it but are still stylish. 
The Breakdown:

This top is very simple and off the shoulder which gave me a lot of room to play with accessories. I decided to wear these fun tassel earrings. I am hesitant to wear tassel earrings because they are so trendy right now, especially in the blogging world. I’m not sure if they are my style or not. I do think they are fun so I wear them regardless. This neutral taupe pair is a great way to introduce tassel earrings into your closet, then you can add the bold and bright! I grabbed this taupe clutch to match my earrings and stuck with neutral shoes. I actually got these from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is my first time owning a pair of Kristin Cavallari shoes and I love them. The jeans I’m wearing are Mother and are very soft with the perfect high waist.

 top | Blaque Label
jeans | Mother Denim ‘Insider Crop Step Fray’ 
clutch | Annabel Ingall ‘Collette Leather Clutch’ 
shoes | Kristin Cavallari ‘Capri Mule’ in Caramel Suede (designer)

… Mommy confession:

I need help weaning my son. I have decided to go the gradual route to prevent engorgement and any pain but I would love any advice and tips from you experienced mothers.

My goal as a mother was to nurse my baby exclusively until he was one.  I was fortunate to accomplish that (he had bottles here and there of expressed milk but we never had to use formula- nothing against it- we were just lucky). I am very proud of myself because it was a lot of hard work that was very time consuming. Not to mention how my mind was constantly thinking how my body was producing enough milk for my child to survive. Thousands of thoughts and questions daily. Has he had enough. Did he get the good hindmilk? Did I pump too much. Why isn’t enough pumping out?

I had been nursing him four times a day since we was 12 weeks old. The day after is first birthday I took away his third feeding. I chose this feeding because I was starting to worry he wasn’t getting enough milk at night before bed (occasionally I would give him 4 oz of whole milk before nursing). Now I would be going from 12pm to 8pm without nursing or pumping, therefore I would have plenty for him at night. I also am not pumping during this time because I need my milk to start to dry up. Around 4pm I was giving him a sippy cup with a soft spout. I don’t want him to be hooked on a bottle, hence the soft spout cup. I do mix breast milk and whole milk and get it to room temperature. He has no interest drinking cold whole milk out of a sippy cup. He will drink whole milk out of a bottle at night if I’m not there to put him to bed.

This is as far as I’ve got. In the next week or so I will take his second feeding away. I shoudln’t call it a feeding because he still gets his milk and plenty of solids. Is this this right track? My next move I’ll be going 12 hours without nursing during the day. I figured I can go 12 hours at night I should be able to go 12 hours in the day if my body is realizing it doens’t need to produce as much. I may need to pump a little bit here and there.

Did any of you find it hard to stop or continue nursing? Was the process painful?

I would really love to hear what you have to say. You guys were so kind sharing your hair loss experience after having a baby which made me feel much better. It’s nice to be able to relate with you guys!

Live votre rêve!


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2 thoughts on “Tassels, Exposed Shoulders And A Lot Of Changes After My Baby Turned One

  1. My best advice is to stop pumping. It just promotes more milk production. Look into the cups with the soft straws. Believe it or not we used the ones from Kroger. It teaches him early how to use a straw. Eventually we moved on to the miracle 360 cups. You want to make sure you wean slowly otherwise it will be painful. Slowly dropping feedings is the best way.

    1. I had stopped pumping and I am so happy to have had a successful weaning process for my baby and myself! I just bought a cup with a soft straw today, my son loves drinking out of straws!