A Jumpsuit Borrowed From My Mama

You know when you were a little girl and you loved trying on your mom and grandmas clothes, or even an aunt? I used to love it. I have this one aunt who is quite petite and has a really small foot and when I was in grade school I could fit into her shoes. I loved when she came to visit because I could dress up! Well, now that I’m almost 29 I still love dressing up in my moms clothes. Her and I have the exact same build making it easy to swap outfits. I lived in my sisters closet growing up but now that I am a bigger size than her I no longer can wear most of her things. When I was in high school people would ask where my outfit came from and my response was always “my sister’s closet”, I said that so much that people thought there was a store called My Sister’s Closet… not a bad name though!
 This Madewell necklace was a gift from my mother in law last summer. I love that it has so many layers but it is only one necklace, easy layering. 
This jumpsuit is extremely comfortable since it is a jersey material which also makes it more casual. I love jumpsuits for all occasions but you need to keep an eye on the material. I absolutely love this one for a wedding! I wore this jumpsuit for a Christmas party and I debating if I should wear it to a Florida wedding in August. I’d love to know your thoughts!
Photography by Lauryn Byrdy

The Breakdown:
The moment my mom tried this dress on and asked my opinion I knew I would be wearing it myself. It’s very lightweight and breezy which is great for summer. I wanted to have fun with this jumpsuit so I added this incredible lavender fedora by Hat Attack, I just love that this hat is a color. It’s from Rowe Boutique and they have it in a light pink too. These earrings make a statement since they are big but are otherwise quite simple in shape, I found this pair which would be a great look for less if you want to simple statement gold earrings. I’ll be borrowing this jumpsuit again in the fall for sure and adding a denim jacket or a black leather jacket. 
jumpsuit | from Marshalls
shoes | Prada (similar for less here)
necklace | Madewell
earrings | Jenny Bird from Rowe Boutique
sunglasses | Forever 21
hat | Hat Attack “Continental” from Rowe Boutique
Live votre rêve!



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3 thoughts on “A Jumpsuit Borrowed From My Mama

  1. Love this outfit! I think the red jumpsuit would be perfect for the wedding, I enjoy being able to wear something special more than once!