Natura Bisse Bubble Event At Joseph

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Happy Saturday! Now that the weekend is in full swing it was only right to post about my relaxing spa treatment at Joseph. Who would turn down a spa treatment? Not me! So when Joseph of Memphis was hosting Natura Bisse Bubble Event and invited me to give it a try I jumped at the opportunity. The Natura Bisse bubble travels to different stores where their products are being sold. The bubble comes to Memphis once a year but Emma, the spa technician, comes twice a year (once with the bubble and once by her self) so if you missed out on this bubble event you can still have a special Natura Bisse treatment in October!
The treatment “The Mindful Touch: Your Mindful Experience” is based on the concept of beauty as the necessary connection between mind and body. My treatment was started with a little virtual reality. I put on these goggles pictured below and saw a 3D video of clouds, mountains, the desert, and other images along with very relaxing music and a soothing voice that really made me want to go to close my eyes. During the virtual reality part Emma was massaging my head and neck and I knew we were off to a great start. 
There were over 10 different products on my face. Emma wrote down a list of everything she used but I misplaced it! I was so mad at myself!! I know I will find it, I need to find it because there was also a list of reccommended products for my skin type. I am pretty sure the list is in my car and I will find it the moment I press submit on this post. 
She placed this clear mask on me twice. It’s funny because I didn’t know what color the products were until I saw these pictures. You never know what you look like during a treatment so to see these images sure were a surprise! A funny one too!
Coming out of my bubble! My bubble of 99.95% pure air! 
Here is my after picture. Happy, relaxed and glowing skin! I had such a wonderful time during my Natura Bisse spa treatment. I got a great list of reccommended products that I can’t wait to try. I am really into skin care and becuase I love to be outside and even though I wear sunscreen I’m starting to get some sun spots and my fine lines are just becoming plain old wrinkles. 

 “The Mindful Touch: Your Mindful Experience” is traveling around the country so click here to see if it will be in a city nere you. 

Thank you Joseph of Memphis!

Live votre rêve!


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