Stripes on Saturday

Last weekend was an incredible time for my family, my brother got engaged! I love his fiancée so much and seeing my brother so happy fills my heart. The whole weekend was full of love and fun. My parents were in town as well as his future in laws. Friday was the big proposal night and Saturday night the whole family went to dinner at Lindey’s in German Village to continue celebrating. I am obsessed with their patio but unfortunately we had such a large party we had to eat inside but the food was so good it didn’t even matter! 
This summer has been all about a side braid and a bun because it is the easiest and quickest. I am pretty tired of wearing the same hairstyle but with a little baby I haven’t found the time to give my hair more attention. Since my family was in town I had a little free time to tend to my hair while Myles was getting loved on my his grandma and auntie. I love how this fishtail turned out, I’ll definitely do my hair like this again and it really didn’t take much time.
The Breakdown:
I loved getting dressed up. I miss walking in a good heel and putting some makeup on. I got this dress from Evereve at Easton. It use to be called Hot Mama.  Hot Mama came about when a new mom needed new post-baby clothes, I shouldn’t have been surprised by how much I loved the store. Have any of you shopped there? They have very cute stuff and happened to have a great sale rack while I was there. I love the colors in this dress, I also got a couple vests/jackets that I hope to wear soon. 
I have to say something about these shoes. You have seen me where them here and here. They are by far my most comfortable heel, the lace up allows me adjust the tightness, the heel has a great thickness for stability and you can’t go wrong with the nude color. The funny thing is I had no intentions of wanting or buying these, until….I missed an overseas flight and I wasn’t able to get to my bag for 2 days. I was stuck in LA for a couple days which is a great place to be stuck and had no choice but to do a little shopping 😉 I’ve noticed the things I love more are the things I never planned to love. 
dress | from Evereve
shoes | Prada (similar)
Live votre rêve!
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