Memphis Music Hall of Fame

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Over the weekend I got to go to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I had no idea what to expect but it was one of the most fun nights I have had in Memphis. My cheeks were very sore towards the end of the night from laughing and smiling so much. 

I wasn’t sure what I should wear because I was told the dress code was casual, business casual, dressy, or Memphis music glam... quite the range of dress code. I had this jumpsuit that I had been wanting to wear and I felt it could fit into all of those dress code categories depending on how it was styled. 
Vita Fede strikes again with these amazing earrings
Both of these accessories are from 20twelve. I wear this cuff much more than I expected to. I’ve worn it with cutoffs during the day to this jumpsuit and heels.

The Breakdown:
I wanted to wear pointy toe pumps and I love the brightness of this suede blue pump. This was the "Memphis music glam" of my outfit. I love the back of this jumpsuit and the way the sleeves drape. Unfortunately, it was absolutely freezing the whole night so had to wear a jacket but the jacket was supper cool so it wasn't too bad. You can see the jacket look here. I also love all my gold accents, my earrings, cuff, back of my heels, ring. I'm all for mixing metals but this was nice. I chose this clutch to add some contrasting texture. 

jumpsuit | Zero + Maria Cornejo “Black Silk Lena Jumpsuit"
cuff | Aurelie Bidermann “Esteban Cuff"
clutch | Perrin Paris 
- all from 20twelve

pumps | Gucci “Adena Suede Pump"
earrings | Vita Fede “Double Cubo Cultered Pearl Earrings"
-all from Joseph

Live votre rêve!


  1. I have to say I absolutely loved going to this place the other night. The people that work there were trying to create an optimal dinner experience while making your choices their priority. I would definitely recommend this event space for any kind of fancy event.

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