Bluff City Lights x Whimsy Cookie Co x Indigo + A Giveaway!

Bluff City Lights double teamed this month! With warm weather early on in Memphis we decided to have a fun pool day. What is more fun that silly pool floats and disco ball tumblers? Big thanks to Whimsy Cookie Company for these super fun pool accessories. I did say Whimsy Cookie Co. Yes, they are a delicious cookie boutique that also sell adorable accessories. I have ordered cookies many times from Whimsy but I didn’t know they had such cute little things to purchase too! Make sure you browse the store next time you order cookies. Most of you know one of our BCL girls, Collins, is part owner of Whimsy and she was so sweet to gift us a pool float of our choice and our disco tumbler.  
Indigo provided our outfits for this shoot including our jewelry, cover-ups and hats, they also gifted us our swimsuits! You can read more about my coverup and pool side accessories in my previous post. The 4 of us Bluff City Lights girls all have very different styles and Indigo is sure to be able to make all of us happy! Don’t forget to read Megan, Collins, and Alex’s posts to see more of their individual style!
I honestly have so much fun with these girls. I always look forward to our hangouts whether we are shooting for our blogs or not! We have a little something fun for you guys too! 
Enter our giveaway at the end of our post!
The Breakdown:
I am a pretty practical person so when I was looking for a swimsuit to wear I was thinking which suit would give me the best tan lines. I needed to step outside of my box and try something extra cute. I will definitely be wearing this suit a lot this summer since I won’t be able to lay out like I used to. Myles decided to take a few steps this week so I’m preparing to be chasing him around all summer. I also need a suit he can’t pull down or untie, those little hands of his grab onto anything and everything and I’m not interested in him accidentally exposing my top half to the public. This top is pretty secure so fingers crossed it stays on all summer!

bathing suit | Mink Pink Secret Garden Crochet top and bottoms
earrings | MISA Los Angelels “Ombre Tassel Earrings
hat | Hat Attack  

all from Indigo

Mommy confession...
Myles was with us during this shoot (I’m not the only blogging mom that brings her child every once in a while to a shoot am I??). He was such a good sport watching us while he was in his stroller. Once I got him out he loved playing in the floats and didn’t want to let go of the disco tumbler. The tumbler is actually still in my car because he loves to play with it. The reason I am writing this under a mommy confession is because this is my first summer after having Myles and trying on swim suits wasn’t as exciting as it once was. My stomach has always been one thing I have been proud of. My thighs and butt are another story, those have always been a little dimply and occasionally saggier than I prefer. This summer they are just a huge eye sore, I’d like to blame it on my pregnancy but I think the real blame is me not having the time to go to the gym like I used to. So I guess I can blame my pregnancy since Myles is the outcome and the reason I don’t have time to go to the gym. Back to my stomach, I am very happy with how far I’ve come in the last 9 months. I was 42” around my waist the morning I went to the hospital so to think I would have exact same shape is silly. When I stand and engage my core I look fine and I’m satisfied but when I sit there is no hiding, flexing, or sucking in the extra loose skin that I am left with. You can see what I’m talking about in the picture where I am hugging the flamingo’s neck (3rd picture down). It is minor and not that big of a deal but it is on my mind and something all moms probably go through and I felt like expressing my feelings with these pictures. I sure do love my little guy!
Live votre rêve!

Pool Side With Bluff City Lights In Indigo

Memorial weekend is almost here! When I was younger I would look forward to this weekend almost more than Christmas because it meant the pool was opening which is wear I would spend all day every day growing up. The memories I have at Oak Creek Swim Club are some of the best. Getting ready for summer means I need a new suit, a hat, shades and cover-ups. The great thing about needing a cover-up is that you can find something you already have in your closet.

The Breakdown:
I took this lightweight sweater and loose fitting shorts and turned them into my cover-up. I love being able to wear clothes for different types of occasions. This cover-up look from Indigo could easily be worn out and about town or as separates. This knit top is definitely light enough to wear this summer with denim, how cute would white jeans looks with this aqua color? These shorts could really be worn with any type of top because the shorts can be worn down low high waisted. I rarely wear shoes in the summer. If I’m at home or near water there is a very high chance I will be barefoot. 
You all know by now I shop at Indigo a lot and I rarely leave their store empty handed. This post is an a great example of how I can get a complete look and accessories for any occasion from Indigo.

top | Free People (similar)
shorts | Mustard Seed “Pink Embroidered Shorts
hat | Hat Attack
earrings | MISA “Ombre Tassel Earrings"
sunglasses | American Eagle

all from Indigo in Germantown, TN (except sunglasses)
Live votre rêve!


A Stop In Central Park With My Ombre Bomber

What a fun filled weekend! I was in New York City for 5 days and 4 nights which is the longest I have ever been there. It’s necessary to wear the most comfortable shoes walking around the city and I made the right choice with these sneakers that I also wore here and here.  
One of my best friends moved to the city last year but she was out of town last weekend! I was so sad, I had so much free time walking around and enjoying everything, I so wished I could have hung out with her. I did have plenty of company in NYC and had such a great time, even when it was 45 and raining Myles and I till ventured out on the streets. 
 So in love with my Mother’s Day gift, my new and updated “diaper bag”!

The Breakdown:
I got this jacket on sale at Anthropologie for under $60. You know how after the holidays everything gets marked down and eventually an additional mark down on top of that? Well, that’s how I got this jacket and I love it. It’s furry so I can wear it during the cooler months but the peachy color allows it to pass in the Spring too. I found the new version of it and I have it tagged below as well as some similar options. Some streets in the city are windy and cool in the shade and others are sunny and hot. Layers were a must and a black t-shirt is classic. I love the hem on these jeans because they show a little bit of my ankle. Hems on jeans are so cool these days but most of them are too long for me and I  have to show more foot. I always like to show a good amount of skin between the hem of my jeans and my shoe. Myles was on board with me all day (he did so great going with the flow) so I needed some baby necessities but I didn’t want my large diaper bag. This bookbag is very lightweight and it was my Mother’s Day gift so I wanted to wear it all day everyday. 

jacket | Paper Crown “Pastel Ombre Bomber
shirt | Perrin from Marshalls
jeans | Frame Denim “Cropped Slit Hem"
bag | Burberry “The Medium Framed Heads Backpack
sunglasses | Shauns California “Hoy” in black leather and granite

Live votre rêve!

Bluff City Lights x Eye Society + A Giveaway

The girls of Bluff City Lights were invited to check out the new Eye Society in East Memphis (there is an Eye Society in Germantown too) to try and any glasses or sunglasses we liked. I’ve had glasses since I was 12 years old. I have always enjoyed going to the eye doctor to update my prescription knowing I’d be leaving seeing a little clearer but the most fun about my eye appointments is trying on all the glasses. When it comes time to purchase a pair I play it safe but I do enjoy the color glasses and unique frames. We all had so much fun trying on a variety of different style glasses and sunglasses from Eye Society Memphis
 One can’t have too many sunglasses. You may think you have plenty until you leave one in your other bag, in your car, in your bathroom and then can’t find a pair when it’s really sunny out. I own sunglasses that range from $10 to a pricey $500. Putting on a good pair of sunglasses is a great feeling, the optics are always incredible and the glasses themselves are lightweight so they don’t hurt the bridge of your nose! You really do get what you pay for but as far as style, you can get whatever style you like at any price range. 
 A huge thank you to the staff of Eye Society for their generosity and partnering with us. I had such a great time with the girls and the staff! I highly recommend scheduling your next eye exam with Dr. Moore (3rd from right). If you don’t wear glasses be sure to browse their selection of sunglasses. Since we loved our experience with Eye Society and we want you to enjoy an experience yourself we will be giving away $100 to one lucky reader!!! 
Enter below.
I am wearing Tom Ford “Cat Eye Eyeglasses” in shiny blue. 

The Breakdown:
Are you tired of seeing these shoes? I hope not because I’ll be wearing them all summer since they pretty much go with everything.  It was so warm when we went to Eye Society it felt like summer so I pulled out this super soft Bella Dahl jumpsuit that has an open back. Since the back is open I had to wear a cute bralette or bandeau bra. The one I am actually wearing is a nursing bra! That may be hard to believe because it is lace and very cute and those two words don’t typically mix with nursing bra. Since the neckline of this jumpsuit is high and simple I wanted to wear a big bold necklace and this J.Crew one I’ve had for a while was perfect. With my big bold necklace I wore these big bold sunglasses. In the end I took home a pair of Shauns sunglasses because it was a brand I had never heard of from California and they are new to Eye Society, they also have leather on them! Yes, the top of the frames are leather!

jumpsuit | Bella Dahl “Tulip Back Jumpsuit” on SALE
necklace | J.Crew 
flats | Gucci “Princetown Flora Slipper
bra | Cosabella “Never Say Never Mommie Nursing Bra
sunglasses | Oliver Peoples “Gwynne” in antique gold

Live votre rêve!


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