Bluff City Lights x The Peabody Hotel Part II + A Giveaway

Part II is finally here. As you know, a few weeks ago Bluff City Lights had a staycation at The Peabody Hotel. You can read about my day at The Peabody here. Now on to talk about our suite experience!
After staying in the lobby bar til the early hours of the morning we forced ourselves to our incredible suite, The Danny Thomas Suite. This is when the slumber party really started. We changed into our pajamas and started talking beauty, hair and other girly things. 
Our photographer has this hair tool that curls your hair perfectly. Your hair feeds into the barrel and after a few second you open up the tool and voila, a perfect curl. 
 I had been patiently waiting to dig into the desserts they left for us. I love walking into a hotel room with little chocolates waiting for me. What I love even more is chocolate covered strawberries, I have such a sweet tooth.
 We had fruit, pastries, souffles, coffee, mimosas and fresh flowers. What’s not to love?
It is important to treat yourself every once in a while which is why we decided to give you a chance to win a free nights stay at The Peabody along with tea for two and dinner! Enter below!
Surprise! My little angel joined us mid way through brunch. It was a late night for us so I was happy when he slept in!

The Breakdown:
After I had Myles I really wanted button down pajamas so it would be easy to nurse him without having to be too exposed. Winter came around and I wanted the long sleeve and pant version which I got from my parents for Christmas and now I can mix and match. I like to sleep with my hair in a pony tail because I don’t like the feeling of hair on my neck, does that bother you guys? I had fantastic nights rest at The Peabody and waking up to the beautiful breakfast spread was the cherry on top. 

A little breakdown for Myles. He was swaddled as a baby with his arms tightly wrapped by his sides. I used these swaddle becuase they velcro and I knew he wouldn’t be able to come out of it. He eventually was able to get his arms out so I started wrapping him with his ams out so he could have them free and had access to suck his fingers which soothes him back to sleep. After he outgrew the actually swaddle we upgraded to this swaddle and then to a sleepsack. We have a fleece one for the colder months and a regular knit one for when it’s a little warmer 

pajamas | Eberjey “Gisele Short PJ Set
sleepsack | Halo Sleepsack “Small Wave Wearable Blanket

Live votre rêve!

I Think I Found The Most Comfortable Pair of Heels

I had the best weekend, my brother and his fiancé were in town and we surprised them with... my parents! If only my sister and her family were in town than it would have been perfect but they are coming this weekend for spring break which will be fun. I am so excited for my nephews to be able to play with Myles. Fingers crossed for weather like today!
These are the amazing shoes! Mules are in right now and have been for a while. I own a couple mule style heels (you can see I have worn mules here and here) but these ones are just perfect. The block heel makes them very easy to walk in and the band around the ball of my foot has a great thickness. My feet are a little wide so if the band is too thin it digs into my feet. 

A little note about this bag, I wore it in my first fashion blog post! Apparently, I like to pair this bag, my watch and mules together because I have all 3 on in that post, lol! Click here to see it!
The watch was a wedding gift from my husband. It is so special to me and I love how well it matches with my wedding/engagement rings. The beaded bracelet is jade and I got it at a market while I was in China a couple years ago.

The Breakdown:
This outfit was styled around my footwear, it all started with the shoes. This was my first time wearing a pair of Malone Souliers shoes and they did not disappoint. I have been missing out for quite sometime because they are soooo comfortable! I am not sure if all of the styles are this comfortable but this pair is wonderful. They come in a few other colors also. The jeans I’m wearing are new and I can’t find them online but I got them from Indigo in Germantown. Cut off hems are really in right now. I have been cutting off the bottoms of my old jeans for an update and I’m looking forward to adding them back into my denim rotation. My favortie thing abouth this pair of denim is they have a little tie-dye detail at the bottom which is super cute. I love the pleats in this top. I purchased this top when I was pregnant since I knew my belly could grow with and it would still fit post baby. I knew I would need a jacket since the nights get chilly and I am always cold at the FedEx Forum but I wasn’t feeling any of my jackets, but then... I realized I had this sweater and it was just perfect!I love the color and the slouchiness of it.

top | Ramy Brook from Intermix
sweater | Tart “Hassie Wrap"
jeans | Frame “Le High Skinny” from Indigo
shoes | Malone Souliers “Maureen Sandal Mules
bag | Miu Miu “Cloquet Nappa Leather Bag” (similar)
watch | Rolex “Datejust Lady 31” in everose gold
bracelet | Tiffany T “Narrow Wire Bracelet” in rose gold
beaded bracelet | from China
rings | Vita Fede 

Live votre rêve!

Bluff City Lights x Pure Barre + A Giveaway

When I found out Bluff City Lights was teaming up with Pure Barre I was so excited. I can go on and on about how much I love going to Pure Barre, I cannot believe I have been doing it for almost 7 years! Although I am a regular, this workout is NEVER easy! Make sure to check out the other Bluff City Lights blogs, Megan, Collins and Alex to read about their experience!

My favorite part about class is elongating the muscles we just worked. Also known as stretching. But it really is elongating them and that is one thing I love so much about Pure Barre is that you get long and lean muscle tone throughout your body.

In the above picture we were doing the pretzel move, it is such a good one. I will 100% be sore after this move. 
Below we are working on our abs. It took me a long time to be able to focus the attention on my core and not use my hip flexors. Do any of you still struggle with focusing on specific muscles during class?
Since I love Pure Barre so much, as do the girls of Bluff City Lights, we decided to let one of our readers give it a try... for FREE! Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win 1 month unlimited!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you for the class Lindsey! By the way, Lindsey just started her own health, fitness and fashion blog and it is so good! Make sure you check her out, Pretty Active Life.

The Breakdown:

When I was looking at these pictures I started to laugh a little becuase all my workout thoughts started going through me head as if I was taking class again. See below for some of my most popular thoughts. I have encouraged so many of my friends to try Pure Barre and a few go regularly now! I am huge advocate for Pure Barre, it truly is a great workout and I love what it does for my body. I took class throughout my whole pregnancy, up to 37 weeks! At that point I wasn’t able to be very productive in class. Comment below if you want me to do a pregnancy post on Pure Barre. 
I enjoy putting my workout outfits together just as much as I enjoy putting together any other outfit. Athleisure is so poplar now and there are a number of different styles and trends. How many of you pick a cute athleisure outfit to go to the grocery store or lunch when you have no intention of working out, I know I do! I have black pants to bright solids and crazy prints, some cut off at my ankle and some I pull down over my heel. 
Lately, I have been wearing loose tops with my leggings because I still have a little extra/squishy skin since having a baby and my pants cut into me more than they used to and tight tanks show it off and it isn’t flattering. Pure Barre carries so many different brands, there is definitely something for everyone. I feel like it used to be Lululemon and Splits59 and now there is Alo, Beyond Yoga, Vimmia, which is a new brand that I had never heard of, and of course the Pure Barre brand as well as others. 

Class photos:
top | Alo
bra | Splits 59
pants | Lululemon “Wunder Under” 
socks | from Shopbop

Pure Barre has so many great new spring pieces in. I did a little browsing and decided to show you my top outfit. All of this can be purchased at the Germantown location. 
top | Beyond Yoga “Inner Lightweight Tank"
bra | Beyond Yoga “Converging Straps Bra"
pants | Vimmia  “Karma Leggings"
socks | Pure Barre
Pure Barre Thoughts after I hear the instructor...
- "Stack your arms and begin to lift your knees" - Here we go, I hope this is a good class, my thighs are kind of burning and I’m only 10 seconds into class. Oh shoot, they said 2 to the right, 2 to the left.  Ok, now I’m back on track. 
-“We are here for 90 seconds” - This version of plank is so hard. I really want to come down to my knees. No, don’t do it. 30 more seconds to go, mind over matter. I did it!
-“High up on your tippy toes and glue your heels back together” - Oh, I like this one. They want me to go lower. I’m not shaking but my thighs are burning soooo much. Ok, I’m going to get my belly button below the bar. Can’t do that, belly button at bar height I can do. 
-“Back to center and reach your left leg out in front”- I love stretching! Can we please hold this pose a little longer. 
- “Time for seat work” - I love seat work, much easier than thigh sprints. 
- “Come down on all fours and bring your left leg to the side like a fire hydrant” - There is no way anyone can hold this pose perfectly the whole time. I’m supposed to be working my left out seat muscle but my right hip is burning so bad. I hate when I rest my leg. Last 10 seconds will be my best!

I could go on and on with all of my thoughts and as you can see there is some positive and negative. Some days are better than others. I assume it has to do with how well I've ate or if I’m already sore from a previous workout. Please let me know if you have had tried Pure Barre or if you have any questions about it!

Live votre rêve!

Bombin’ Around in Olive Green

I just love bomber jackets. This outfit is very me. It is pretty simple with dark jeans and a black tank but by adding a statement bomber and a great pair of heels takes the whole look up a notch, or two! What I am loving more is this pink brick! 
I have forgotten how much I love accessories! Most of my days I have Myles with me and it is much easier to go about life with him without accessories. Now that he is older I can start wearing rings and bracelets again, I think I still need to hold off on long necklaces and dangly earrings because I’m not interested in having my earring ripped out of my ear anytime soon. When he was a baby I couldn’t wear bracelets because when I would hold him they would dig into his head and now he wants to pull and chew on my necklaces. Oh, the stages of a baby. 

The Breakdown:
I really don’t want to admit this but this outfit was inspired by Kim Kardashian. I saw a picture of her online or in a magazine ( I can’t remember) and she was wearing dark distressed jeans, black tank, nude pumps and a green bomber. It caught my eye and I realized I had all of those things so why not wear my version of it. Like I said earlier, I absolutely love this look. I love looking at celebrities for style inspiration as well as magazines and of course fashion bloggers. Where do you guys look for style inspiration, have anyone who is specifically your styleinspo?

jacket | HYFVE “Bomber Jacket” (similar)
tank | James Perse “Brushed Jersey Long Tank” 
jeans | Blank NYC
shoes | Aquazzura
sunglasses | Georgio Armani (different color)
earrings | Gorjana “Sol Hoops"
bracelets | Gorjana “Elea” and “Power Gemstones"and Vita Fede “Titan Bracelet"
clutch | from Kinnucan’s

Live votre rêve!


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