A More Casual Feel Fringed Dress In Charleston

You saw this dress last week and here it is again! If you read my post earlier in the week you already know the details of this dress so I won’t repeat myself. If you haven’t read it, click here. I told you all I wanted to wear it more than just on one occasion and I wasn’t kidding. A bunch of girls were headed out one night on a bachelorette trip in Charleston and so the dress made its second appearance but with a different vibe. 
Majority of the bridal party arrived in Charleston Thursday but I was just getting back from LA Thursday morning and wanted to spend a few hours with my baby who is almost not a baby anymore. I wore this outfit Friday night. I had never been to Charleston but weeks leading up to this trip I saw so many people I know had visited or were going to be visiting this city. King Street seems to be the most popular which was walking distance from our Airbnb we rented. We ate at Stars Restaurant which was delicious and they had a really cool roof top bar. 

One question. Is Charleston the bachelorette capital of the world? I thought Vegas was but in this restaurant alone there were at least 5 other bachelorette groups there, I know this because the bride-to-be had a sash or a veil on and there were other large parties of all women that I assume were also bachelorette groups. Then, on Saturday we went to the beach and there were groups everywhere with there “maids” and “squad” suits on. So apparently Charleston is the place to go! I did have a great time, there was fun nightlife and the beach so I’m right on board with the rest of society. 
The Breakdown:
Since we were out on the town I knew we would be doing a lot of walking and I wanted this dress to have a more casual feel compared to the first time I wore it. The heel I am wearing I have had for many years and I’m glad I never got rid of them. They are a good height for me without being too fancy. The shoes are denim after all which is casual in itself. I switched the yellow bag out in my first look to the nude bag to tie in the shoes. The two go really well together. The last casual bit was my braid. There are a few reasons for this hairstyle. First, it is more casual than wearing it slicked back or down, it was extremely hot and humid out and lastly... I hadn’t washed my hair in a few days!

dress | Alice McCall “Are You Ready Girl Mini Dress"
shoes | Joe’s Jeans (similar)
bag | H&M
earrings | H&M 

I had a lof of people ask me about my sister-in-law to be’s 2 piece outfit. It’s from Anthropolgie and it comes in petites for those under 5’2”. I went ahead and linked her outfit also!

top | Anthropologie dRA “Junot Off-The Shoulder Top"
pants | Anthropologie dRA “Junot Wide-Leg Pants

Live votre rêve!

We now have a website! www.BluffCityLights.com

I am happy to announce Bluff City Lights now has its own website! Visit www.BluffCityLights.com to read about who we are, why we started this blogging group and to enter our giveaways. We had each been posting the giveaways in our individual posts but now you will only need to go to one location! Our individual Bluff City Lights posts will be on our website as well but don’t forget to check our daily blogs for everyday posts! We have a few things to update on the site but I am excited to share some of the pictures from our website shoot. 
These pictures are from our website shoot with Lindsey Lissau
I am so excited to wear this dress this summer! It’s very comfortable and versatile. The waistband can be high or low (you can see the model here wore it very differently than me) and the dress looks great with flats or heels! I have quite a few showers, baby and wedding, to attend this summer and this dress will be sure to make an appearance or two!
I’d love to hear what you guys think our style is. I know we all dress very differently and I think I have figured out most of our styles. But I would love to know how you categorize our style! Comment below and don’t forget to follow along on our blogs!

The Breakdown:
I was on the hunt for something “very me” to wear for our website shoot. Of course we will be using pictures from all of our past shoots but we wanted some with a clean background in order to showcase who we are as a group and individuals. I love how free this dress feels. I love loose and flowy dresses but since that is all I wore last summer while I was pregnant I feel wierd wearing them now. The fact that this dress is loose but has a band that shows I am not pregnant is wonderful. A nude shoe that matches your skin tone is always a good option, it really is a no fail choice and is sure to elongate your legs. I recently wore these heels to MFW which you can read in this post. A giant cuff is always an easy accessory. I love stacking a lot of little things but when I am short on time one large accessory is all I need. 

dress | ASTR “Elisa Dress” 
heels | Alexander Wang "Tilda High Heel
cuff | Aurelie Bidermann "Esteban Cuff 
bracelet | Vita Fede "Titan Crystal Bracelet” 
clutch | Louis Vuitton “Monogram Twin Pochette" from Sugar Plum Consignments

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My Red Carpet Fashion

Last week I took the shortest and busiest trip to Los Angeles. I suppose you could say I was tagging along on my husbands “business trip”. He was there for work after all (and a little bit of play- he golfed everyday). The Memphis Grizzlies were nominated for this years Sports Humanitarian Team Award which took place on Tuesday. I got to dress up in cocktail attire and attend an evening listening to incredible and inspirational stories. Later that evening I changed out of my cocktail dress and changed into this super fun fringe dress for the ESPN Body Party celebrating their most recent Body Issue Magazine and that was only Tuesday. 

I came pretty prepared for these events but the stylist in me came out and I needed to be over the top prepared! I had brought fashion tape, sticky boobs, shoe inserts of all types, three dresses and four pair of shoes. I wanted to have multiple shoe options per dress so I had another pair of shoes sent to the hotel. I also needed more dress options because all of mine were cocktail or dressier, I didn’t bring an after party/ club type dress. We were staying downtown where I felt there were no shopping options and I contemplated going to Beverly Hills but that was going to be 40 minutes and 40 minutes back and I surely did not have time for that. Being over the top I bought two more dresses (just in case!) but did return one the following day. There is also a little shopping plaza downtown which had a Zara and H&M which were life savors. I had forgot to pack clutches or a small bag for the events and jewelry!! I was too focused on the dresses and shoes. All these stores were walking distance from the hotel which was convenient. 

 I know I posted quite a bit of these events on Instagram but I wanted to give you all the details. Some photos are courtesy of Getty Images and some on from my phone so excuse the quality of those. The days we were out there were on a schedule and although I had brought my camera there was no time to actually shoot my daily outfits. 

ESPN Sports Humanitarian Awards 

Ronda Rousey! 
This events dress code was cocktail attire. I wanted to wear something a little extra fun so I first (key word being first) bought this yellow lace dress. I was pretty sold on wearing it until I found this black one. Black is safe but the cutouts gave it some edge and I felt it was a perfect cocktail dress. The back was open and quite beautiful. Michael liked the black dress over the yellow so of course I went with the black option. Shoes were much easier to select with this dress. I had these suede pumps already in my closet and I didn’t think twice about any other shoe. 

dress | Alexis “Oralie Dress"
shoes | Sergio Rossi
earrings | from Indigo

ESPN Body Party
After the Sports Humanitarian Awards we headed to our room to change to to something less elegant. We were headed to the ESPN Body Party celebrating their annual Body Issue. This took place at a club so it only felt right to change out of my cocktail dress and into something a little more fun.

Thank goodness I found out about a store called Maher that was walking distance from our hotel. I pulled out the website to get an idea of the type of store Maher was and immediately knew I needed this fringe dress which front and center on the homepage. Below you can find this dress in red and black but the only place I can find it in this peachy orange color is at Maher. I already had these shoes packed to go with that yellow lace dress I ended up not wearing so that was a plus. 

To make my whole look come together I took my hair down, touched up my curls, added a little more smoke to my eyes and was ready for part II. 

dress | Alice McCall “Are You Ready Girl Mini Dress
shoes | Christian Louboutin “Choca 100 Kid Pump” in nude (studded version)

ESPY Awards
Photo courtesy of Alamy.
I love being my own stylist but it is harder than styling someone else. I started looking for a dress about a month before these award shows. I talked to my husbands stylist and knew Michael was going to be wearing a tuxedo and I had seen what fabric it was going to be made out of too which gave me some direction for my dress hunt. I always want our looks to be cohesive and never too matching. I ordered this cream dress and had loved it the second I put it on and crossed my fingers it would look good with Michael's look when it was all finished. I didn’t see his outfit in person until the day of the event! 
With this outfit I had the hardest time figuring out what shoes to wear! I had tried on some simple strapped shoes and they seemed too casual. Since the dress hits mid shin I didn’t want my shoe to have an ankle strap but these dainty straps worked perfectly. These shoes are from Joseph in Memphis and they over-nighted them to me and sent them to my hotel! 

dress | Herve Leger “Dip Dye Fringe Dress"
shoes | Aquazzura “Gold Nadja Leather Heels
jewelry | H&M

Hope I answered everyones questions somewhere in this post!

Live votre rêve!

My All Time Best Haircut At Richard And Co Salon + A Discount Code!

If you know me personally you know that I have been cutting my own hair since I was in grade school. My mom had cut my hair before but after I started requesting angles and layers it became too much. Since my hair is naturally curly I knew I could get away with cutting my own hair since no one would be able to tell if I made a little mistake. The first time I got my hair professinally cut was in Los Angeles in 2011. I went to a nice salon in LA and assumed they really knew there stuff out here and I was right, I loved it! Now I sill can count the number of professional haircuts on two hands and I have had to touch up my cut when I got home more times than not. With that said, I started to give up professional haircuts and I was back to my sheers in my bathroom cutting away until I discovered Richard & Co Salon!!! 
Above is my beautiful, freshly cut and blown out hair. Below is my wild curls with dead ends.
 All hair cuts begin with a wash and a head massage. At Richard and Co Salon the same person who cuts your hair will wash your hair. Aarin was my stylist and we had so much to talk about, I felt like I was getting my hair done by my good friend. 

After blowdrying my hair with a round brush Aarin flat ironed it to make sure my hair was straight at my roots and around my hairline. Throughout the drying and styling process Aaring kept asking me how I normally styled my hair which I really appreciated. She wanted to make sure I was happy and loved my hair. 
Taahhhh daaahhhh!
Richard & Co Salon will be giving 15% off of any two Oribe hair products through August if you mention this blog post on Living LeReve.

The Breakdown:
All Oribe products were used on my hair and all of them can be purchased at Richard & Co Salon. Something new I learned about Oribe is that all of their products have the same sent which is great so when I am using multiple different products I won’t have multiple different scents on my head. Below I have listed the products that were used in order. 

Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil (used only on the ends)

If you live in Memphis make sure to stop in Richard & Co Salon, located in Collierville, to pick your Oribe products. Don’t forget to mention Living LeReve for 15% off!

Live votre rêve!

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